More and more people want to connect and don’t know how to find someone to love.  It’s healthy to want to be a couple.  We are born to be interdependent.  Below are my Top 10 Tips for Finding New Love in the New Year 2014.  Good luck!!!

1.)  Take an look within.  Ask yourself if you truly want to be in a “day in, day out” relationship with someone.  Some people think they want to be involved but when it comes down to wrestling with conflict they run like the wind.

2.)  Adopt a new attitude change.  You will need to create an openness to the folks you want to attract.  This includes becoming a good observer.  Keenly be aware of others around you and look for potential love objects in the supermarket, bank, car wash, park, library, and so forth. 

3.)  Hone in on your eye-contact.  The best way to attract someone is to look at them directly with a smile and show interest.  

4.)  Create an air of mystery.  People love a sense of pursuit….. as if there’s more behind you to get to know and discover.

5.)  Don’t come on forcefully like ball busters.  You will be viewed as desperate.  Show interest with clarity, but be gentle.

6.)  Don’t oversell yourself by bragging and reciting your resume.  Rather, ask the other person questions about them.  People love to talk about themselves.  It’s a great way to get to know this new person.

7.)  Consider joining an online dating site.  If you find that you have trouble meeting people out in the world around you, you may have better luck on the web.

8.)  Tell all your friends and acquaintances you’re ‘looking’.  See if they know someone great for you!

9.)  Don’t expect “perfection”.  It doesn’t exist.  Expect to find someone with good character, ethics, and morals whose flaws match well with yours.

10.)  Be prepared to date, date, date.  Finding love is like shopping for clothes.  Sometimes, you have to try on lots of outfits until you find the right fit.