1)     Ask yourself if this person could be your lifetime partner?  Don’t risk your job and all the potential complications unless you believe he or she is the real deal.  I’m not saying you have to marry her, just be serious.

2)     Keep your romantic relationship discreet in the office.  Do not confide in friends/coworkers at the job.  Do your best to keep personal and business separate.

3)     If you take the relationship to the next level by either moving in together or getting married, keep individual last names at work.  Jealousies and alliances may form and it’s difficult to know who your friends or enemies are.  Don’t rub it in everyone’s face that you are one (a team) with your lady by having the same last name.

4)     Keep your eye on the ball.  At the office, your main objective is to do your job with complete focus and concentration.  Do not send personal messages to your lover while on the job.  Laser focus on the work and demonstrate pristine ability to keep your personal life private.

Happy Valentine’s Day!