I have long speculated the same findings of a new study published just this week that states:  “It doesn’t matter whether a child lives with a single parent or two bio parents or with a parent and a stepparent–as long as the family relationship is strong the child will be happy.  Good relationships with siblings, no bullying at school also contribute.”  In order to be a good parent, one must be comfortable balancing two things at the same time – love/nurture and limits/boundaries.  Each parent must be emotionally available to the child with continuity (no breaches or disruptions caused by travel or regular fighting).  Emotionally available means the parent follows the child’s lead with interest and curiosity and praises every increment in the child toward his or her autonomy and independence.  These are some of the primary ingredients required to raise happy wholesome thriving children.  Always remember Tip #1 – Be kind to your child.  That’s a given to most of us but we are living in stressful times.  People are tugged in many different directions with tight financial strains and overhead.  Don’t make your child pay the price.

I have seen many single moms raise happy, healthy wonderful children.  That said, it is important to recognize that every boy and girl wants (and needs) a male and female influence to identify with a respected idealized same sex figure.  If there is no father in the home, sign your child up for Big Brothers of America or encourage your child to develop and build a relationship with an uncle, grandfather, or coach in order to complete his own male self-identification.