Art therapy is an extremely respected form of psychotherapy and analysis.  I utilize crayons and paper, large and small, by having children, families, and even adult couples draw and color as a tool to dig deep and get inside the minds of each individual patient.  For instance, if it is a couple or family drawing, the way a person uses the space and whether they go into the boundaries lines of the other person’s territory on the paper may indicate control in the relationship.  Also, specific color choices reveal psychological information to the therapist. For example, the color black indicates depression and deep sadness.  Excessive use of the color red may indicate anger and rage (ie: fire). Clouds and raindrops might show sadness with tears. Bright, sunny yellow, pink, and green often reflect joy and a happy state of mind. Beware Parents: Do not make the mistake of telling your kids to stop using black and red crayons. This will not erase internal emotional states. But rather, know that art is a viable pathway into understanding better what your child feeling on the inside.