We may never know the truth about what happened between Woody Allen and his former girlfriend, Mia Farrow’s adopted then 7 year-old daughter, Dylan.  It seems Americans today love to judge.  The majority of women under age 30 years think Allen molested the child.  Others, especially Woody’s Hollywood friends, including Barbara Walters and Diane Keaton, have gone public declaring their support of him.

As the leading child psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, I believe the voice of the child.  At age 7, Dylan said he sexually molested her.  Kids don’t make this up.  Sex is not in the realm of a child’s fantasy.  It either happened to her or she saw something that planted the idea in her head.  At the time of Dylan’s allegations, the Court decided not to proceed with the investigation as it would traumatize the child.  Woody Allen committed the cardinal sin.  He took naked photographs of, and became sexually involved with the adopted minor child of the woman who bore his children, Mia Farrow.  To the child, Soon-Yi, Woody was a second father figure.  Take one hard look at the face of Dylan Farrow today.  Hers is the face of trauma and abuse.

If Dylan Farrow were my child patient and told me that her mother’s boyfriend touched her inappropriately I would explore and examine.  If I believed it to be true, I’d report it.  All that’s required is reasonable suspicion and this child’s voice, now an adult, has certainly convinced me of that.