The #MeToo movement is making men reconsider, stop, and think about how they have treated women in the past.  George Clooney went on-camera over the weekend and declared that for too long women have been mistreated and afraid to tell.  Now, it’s time for men to be afraid to harass women.  My Beverly Hills practice is located in the 90210 Golden Triangle of the entertainment industry.  Behind the confidential locked doors of my private office I hear stories about the goings on of celebrities and Hollywood’s elite.  The casting couch and sexual harassment has been rampant in Hollywood forever.  But like everything else, acting out one’s power falls on a spectrum.  Harvey Weinstein is on the extreme far end of that spectrum.  His megalomania and delusional grandiosity of power was acted out sexually with virtually every beautiful woman he looked at.  There are many others who cop a feel here and there, make inappropriate comments, or even go so far as to unzip in front of a hungry young actress (or actor) who is desperate for work.  Those folks who sit in power positions will now think twice before taking action.  However, there are some who believe their power is greater than or smarter than the system.  A true Narcissist always shoots himself in the foot!