Dr. Fran Walfish has shared her expertise in a broad range of media outlets: TV and radio, print, and online.  She is also a sought after expert speaker and has been invited to address a multitude of audiences across the country, including local parenting groups, schools, community centers, bookstores, libraries, and conferences. Recently she has delivered talks for the Beverly Hills Unified School DistrictOakwood School, the Plainfield Illinois Unified School District, and Directors Training at JCC’s in Arizona, Ohio, and New York.

A psychotherapist with over twenty years in private practice, Dr. Walfish provides audiences with the insight needed to address a wealth of mental health issues. Located in Beverly Hills, 90210, Dr. Walfish’s proximity to Hollywood helped her build a reputation as a celebrity doctor, and the media often turns to her to speak about issues that arise from the news and entertainment.

Her caring approach, exuberant style, humor, and incisive insights help couples, parents, children and navigate relationships.

Media Availability

With a wealth of expertise in the areas of child and family therapy, Dr. Fran Walfish is available to provide her expert insights across a wide spectrum of topics, including:

  • Minimizing Family Stress Around the Holidays
  • Maintaining Intimacy with Your Spouse in a Chaotic Household
  • Saving Ruptured Relationships: Fidelity, Finance, In-laws
  • Professional Rivalries
  • Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Controlling Personalities and Control Issues
  • Bullying Issues in the Workplace
  • Parenting in 3-D: Dr. Fran’s Signature Strategy for Handling Child Anger
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Saving Your Marriage for the Kid’s Sake
  • Don’t take Hormones Personally: Surviving Your Child’s Teen Years
  • Getting Through to Your Teens in a Tech Age
  • Baby #2 On the Way: Tips for Preparing Your Child for a New Arrival
  • Overcoming the Back to School Blues
  • Caught in a Parenting Rut?  Energize Your Relationship with Your Child
  • Where Did You Learn That? Tips for Talking to Kids About Things They Shouldn’t Know Yet 
  • My Two Dads: Coming of Age Tips for Same Sex Parents
  • When Mom and Dad Become the Children: Tips for Baby Boomers Dealing with Aging Parents

To set up an interview with Dr. Fran, please contact:

Alison Graham – AJGpr alison@ajgpr.com – 310-494-1554.